You know…sometimes, evolution gets it right.
Things evolve, and Tiny Frank is no exception.

That being said, we are VERY proud and honored
to introduce to you

Tim Powers Mars Rafto Paul Cincotta Joe Gastelum
on bass on violin on piano on drums


Party at Mueller College
Saturday, February 2nd @ House of Blues

6:30pm - 12:00am
Across the Street-At Mueller College
4607 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92116

PERFORMING ARTISTS [in performance order]:
Happy Ron and the William Hatchet Band, Kevin Begins, Vicious Phishes, The Social Animal and old school Tiny Frank

$8 at the door
All Ages


Tiny Frank, Kitty Plague & TNOT
Sunday, February 10 @ Bar Elevens

5:00pm - 8:00pm
Bar Eleven
3519 El Cajon Blvd,
San Diego, CA

PERFORMING ARTISTS [in no particular order]:
Tiny Frank, Kitty Plague & TNOT

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San Diego’s guitar duo, James “Mike” McCullock and Jack “Stretch” Norris are the talented acoustic elements of Tiny Frank.

Like all the greats of modern times, they met in the garage of a mutual friend. The real story began months later, when they met again in the home of another mutual friend. There they discovered a shared love of music and traded demos. They both could see the large sign with “FORM A BAND” written in blinking lights when they realized they had both covered the same song on their demos – Peter Gabriel’s ‘In Your Eyes’.

Well, of course, they had to start getting together to play, and ended up covering some really crazy music that no two white boys with acoustic guitars should be able to sing. After a short time, Tiny Frank began to acquire a following. And before long they had written their first original song: ‘Leia as a Slave’.

One song led to many others and Tiny Frank released their first, homegrown album ‘Wonderland’ in 2008. After several local San Diego gigs in 2009 they made it into the studio to record their second album.

Tiny Frank’s newly released studio album (made possible by Mark Haemmerle from Haemmerle Productions), was completed December 28, 2009. It displays their acoustic talent in a way never heard before. Enjoy the music on our ‘Listen 2 the Music’ page

So come and be part of the music and adventure as Tiny Frank continues onto fame, fortune and freakin’ awesome music.