Guitar and Vocals

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a Navy family, Mike was whisked off to Brindisi, Italy for a few years only to land in San Diego, California at the age of 5. He didn’t pick up the guitar until the age of 19, at which time he began to write his own songs. Early tunes such as “Moon Dancer” and “Flower Child” were mired in a deep folk/rock influence and a desire for love. As time went on, this period of songwriting (thankfully) came to an end.

On June 14th, 1994 he joined an elite group of spiritual sadists who taught him how to merge cells into a gelatinous substance called “mush”. He became known as “Barabajagal” and was feared the world over. After ruining his reputation in New York and Seattle, he moved back to San Diego where he now resides in relative obscurity.

His son Jakob, the inspiration for the band’s name, is the greatest thing in Mike’s life.

Mike is currently working, with Stretch, on Tiny Franks next album.

Guitar and Vocals

Jack was born in Richmond, VA, but due to the pull the US Navy had over his father, he was quickly relocated to San Diego, CA before his first birthday. Aside from some short stints in Chicago and Seattle, Jack has made San Diego his home for most of his life.

Musically, he began with piano at around age 9. After a chance hearing of Eddie Van Halen's guitar-screaming opus "Eruption," Jack decided to switch instruments, proclaiming to his family, "I wanna do THAT!" He's dabbled in a few other instruments along the way: alto saxophone, drums, violin, dijeridoo, as well as his prodigy-like mastery of the ever-difficult Bavarian Cheese Whistle. But guitar remains his faithful love.

He's had his share of strikes and gutters, but will say in all seriousness that Tiny Frank has been - and will continue to be - the most rewarding, the most fun, the most creative chapter of his musical career.